HESC Counselor Newsletter - November 2023


November 2023 Counselor Newsletter

New York State Higher Education Services sent this bulletin at 11/02/2023 08:25 AM EDT


The 2024-25 New York State Tuition Assistance Program Application is now open!
The application for the 2024-2025 New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is now open for students to apply. With the delay in the FAFSA application, here are a few things to keep in mind for TAP:

  • The application is available at hesc.ny.gov/TAP
  • Students do not need to wait for the release of the FAFSA to complete their TAP application.
  • Students will need to create a HESCPIN using their email address and a unique password in order to access the TAP application. Students who have a NYS Driver’s License, non-driver ID, or Student ID will be asked to include that information when creating their HESCPIN Account.
  • HESC verifies the information in the NYS TAP Application with the information submitted in the FAFSA. Students who complete their TAP prior to the FAFSA release will need to complete their FAFSA by February 15, 2024, or their saved TAP application will be deleted, and they’ll need to submit a new TAP application.

Once students complete their FAFSA, they can use the link at the end of the FAFSA to return to and submit their TAP application for processing.

New York State College Application Month (CAM)
A special thank you to all the schools, counselors, teachers, and volunteers who participated and helped make this year's New York State College Application Month (CAM) initiative the most successful ever.

Although the October CAM initiative is over, the work of helping students with college applications and financial aid continues throughout the year. CAM resources are always available to help you, your students, and their families navigate the college application process.

Upcoming Financial Aid Presentations and Workshops
Are you looking for ways to make financial aid less intimidating for your students? HESC can help! We have a range of presentations and workshops to help students get up to speed on the available aid options and help them complete their financial aid applications.

CAM Counselor Workshops
HESC is hosting two workshops in November for counselors. These workshops will cover topics such as FAFSA updates and the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) application process to ensure counselors have the knowledge and resources needed to support their students through the new FAFSA application process. Register here:

  • Thursday, November 9 @ 10am
  • Tuesday, November 28 @ 10am

What Seniors Need to Know about Financial Aid for College
During these events, we will review federal, state, institutional, and private scholarships, how to apply for aid, important deadlines, and more.

HESC Virtual Drop-In
Please encourage your students to drop in and connect with HESC experts to get answers to all their financial aid questions during one of our Virtual Drop-In Lounge sessions this month. 

Creating Your FSA ID
The FSA ID is the first step to getting access to federal student financial aid. In this 15-minute walkthrough presentation, we’ll show students how to get their FSA ID quickly and easily.

For a complete list of event dates and more details, visit us at https://startheregetthere.ny.gov/events

FAFSA Simplification ACT - Some of the upcoming changes to the 2024-2025 FAFSA application

  • The FAFSA is currently expected to open sometime in December.
  • All family members whose income is reported on the FAFSA must have a verified FSA ID before a student can file for federal student aid.
  • The number of questions has been reduced to 30 or 60 depending on family income.
  • The term Expected Family Contributing (EFC) is changing to Student Aid Index (SAI).
  • Students can add more colleges when completing the FAFSA – up to 20.

Useful FAFSA Resources

Have questions? We’re here to help!
If you have questions regarding the TAP/FAFSA or about any upcoming event, please contact [email protected].          

Get Connected to the Resources Students Need
HESC Text can send students and parents text messages with vital information on financial aid, crucial deadlines, and valuable resources to help put them on the right path toward their college careers. Sign-up is quick and easy at www.hesc.ny.gov/hesctext