HESC Counselor Newsletter - December 2023


New York State Higher Education Services sent this bulletin at 12/05/2023 08:00 AM EST

The 2024-25 New York State Tuition Assistance Program Application is now open!
The 2024-25 TAP application is now open for students to apply. With the delay in the FAFSA application, here are a few things to keep in mind for TAP:

  • The application is available at hesc.ny.gov/TAP
  • Students do not need to wait for the release of the FAFSA to complete their TAP application.
  • Students will need to create a HESCPIN using their email address and a unique password in order to access the TAP application. Students who have an NYS Driver’s License, non-driver ID, or Student ID will be asked to include that information when creating their HESCPIN account.
  • Students who save their TAP application before the FAFSA is released must submit their FAFSA by February 15, 2024. Failure to do so will result in the saved TAP application being deleted. Students will then need to submit a new TAP application.

Once students complete their FAFSA, they can use the link at the end of the FAFSA to return to and submit their TAP application for processing.

Better FAFSA Updates
FSA released an announcement on November 15, 2023, providing updates to the financial aid community.

  • FSA has not released an exact date but confirmed the FAFSA will be released by December 31, 2023
  • FAFSA filers will not receive their FAFSA submission summary or make updates and corrections until the end of January.
  • Students can use the link at the end of the FAFSA to submit a TAP application. For the 2024-25 application, students will not be able to transfer data over from the FAFSA to the TAP. They’ll need to fill out the TAP in full.

Upcoming Financial Aid Presentation and Workshops
Understanding the financial aid process can be challenging. HESC has events throughout December to help counselors, students, and their families navigate the process and access the resources they need.

In-Depth FAFSA/TAP Counselor Workshop
Join New York State Higher Education (HESC) and the New York State Financial Aid Administrators Association (NYSFAAA) on December 13, 2024, from 10am-12pm for an in-depth workshop focused on recent changes and updates to the FAFSA and TAP applications. Our team of financial aid experts will provide detailed information, helpful tips, insights, and strategies for helping students navigate the process successfully.

  • Learn what’s new with the FAFSA and TAP application.
  • Receive program updates and changes.
  • Learn how to best advise students and families concerning the completion of their financial aid applications.
  • Have questions answered by a panel of financial aid professionals.

There are major changes to the 2024-25 FAFSA. Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro, this hands-on webinar will prepare you to help students and parents navigate the 2024-2025 FAFSA and TAP online applications.

Join NYSFAAA on January 5, 2024, from 10am-1pm for a line-by-line FAFSA training using the U.S. Department of Education’s FAFSA demo site for the 2024-2025 FAFSA. Registration is open until capacity is reached. 

What Seniors Need to Know about Financial Aid for College

During these presentations, we review how the financial aid system works, the sources of financial aid: federal, state, institutional, and private scholarships, how to apply for aid, and important deadlines.

Tuesday, December 5 @ 6pm
Thursday, December 7 @ 5pm
Tuesday, December 12 @ 6pm
Thursday, December 14 @ 6pm

HESC Virtual Drop-in
Encourage your students to drop in and connect with HESC experts to get answers to all their financial aid questions during one of our virtual drop-ins for December.

Monday, December 4 @ 2pm
Monday, December 11 @ 2pm
Monday, December 18 @ 2pm

Creating Your FSA ID
Creating your FSA ID is the first step to having access to the 2024-25 FAFSA application. During this presentation, we will review changes to the process, who will need to create an FSA ID, and the process of creating an FSA ID for parents without SSNs.

Wednesday, December 6 @ 4pm
Friday, December 8 @ 4pm
Friday, December 11 @ 4pm
Monday, December 15 @ 4pm

FAFSA Completion Initiative
The FAFSA Completion Initiative allows HESC to share information about student FAFSA and TAP form completions with schools to encourage completion and target help and resources to the students who need it most.

To access your school’s report, your school will first need to complete, sign, and return a Data Access and Security Agreement.

Useful FAFSA Resources

Have questions? We’re here to help!
If you have questions regarding the TAP/FAFSA or about any upcoming event, please contact [email protected].

Get Connected to the Resources Students Need
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