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Freshmen preparing for college should plan to think of what they might want to study someday.

Use this valuable time to reflect on what you think you'd like to major in or where you'd like to attend.

You should:
  • Take challenging classes in core academic courses.  
  • Work with their school counselors to create a yearly schedule to meet graduation and college admissions requirements. 
  • Talk to an advisor or school counselor about taking Advanced Placement classes and honors courses. 
  • Identify interests and potential career fields through online resources, like this interest profiler, and by attending career fairs and other events. 
  • Get involved with community-based and leadership-oriented activities that best reflect their interests. 
  • Browse the College Scorecard to see what types of schools interest them. 
  • Start a running list of accomplishments, awards, and recognitions to use when completing college applications and writing resumes.  


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