No. Advanced Placement (AP) credits and college credits a student earned in high school are not accepted towards Part-Time TAP.  

No. To be eligible for part-time TAP, a student only needs to complete two consecutive, full-time semesters once to be eligible for Part-Time TAP. 

Schools can either request the student's transcript from the previous school or request that HESC run a history of the student's records. 

No. However, a student must be a first-time freshman, earn 12 credits or more in two consecutive semesters, and maintain a minimum of a "C" average. 

Yes.  Students must maintain a minimum "C" average throughout their part-time course of study. 

Yes. However, the "one time" nature of the waiver should be considered before it is granted for a part-time award. 

Note: The "C" average criteria for Part-time TAP is an eligibility requirement that cannot be waived, by using the "C" average waiver, or the one-time good academic standing waiver.  

No. Eligible colleges are the State Universities of New York (SUNY), the City Universities of New York (CUNY) and the not-for-profit Independent Degree Granting Colleges. 

No. The maximum number of TAP points a student is eligible to receive is 48 points for 4 years of undergraduate study and 60 points for an approved 5-year program of study.  

Credits are to be rounded down. 


This will be an institutional decision and can be based on the amount of the institution’s allocation and the student's need. 

Since HESC does not know what the student's true status will be, all students will appear on the roster and will be calculated for a full-time TAP award. 

Once certification is submitted, HESC will calculate the Part-time TAP award based on the reported credits. The following schedules reflect the percentage of the full-time award and the undergraduate TAP points accrued based on the Part-Time TAP credits reported on the roster. The Remittance Advice and Student Status List will reflect the new award.