Statutory authorization for the Regents Professional Opportunity Scholarship has sunset; no new awards will be granted, and prior recipients will not receive any payments for the 2010-11 academic year and thereafter. Recipients of this scholarship are still bound by their service obligations.

The Regents Health Care Scholarships in Medicine and Dentistry are awarded to students matriculated and enrolled full-time* in approved medical or dental programs leading to licensure as a physician or dentist. A list of Regents Health Care Scholarship holders attending your institution can be generated using the Customized Reports option located on the Reports tab in HESCWeb Transaction Processing.

* At degree-granting institutions, full-time study requires enrollment for at least 12 semester hours in a semester of not less than 15 weeks inclusive of examination periods; or 8 semester hours (12 quarter hours) in a quarter (or trimester) of not less than 10 weeks; or 24 semester hours for an academic year of not more than 12 months.. For additional information, see Chapter 3, section 3.01(e).
The Regents Health Care Scholarships in Medicine and Dentistry roster (300 series roster) should be certified in the same manner as a TAP roster. For detailed certification instructions refer to Chapter 5: Certification Procedures.

The annual scholarship amount is $10,000 and, together with other state funded academic or general awards, cannot exceed the cost of attendance. The Other Benefits and Educational Expenses fields on the roster need special attention and are discussed below. 

I. Other Benefits - Enter aid as described in Chapter 5, section 5.07(C). This amount will only affect the TAP award, if any.

II. Educational Expenses - Enter the cost of attendance for the term. DO NOT include costs covered by other student financial aid grants or scholarships. In determining Educational Expenses, you may use published average student budgets. Regulations allow for purposes (see definitions below).

The actual tuition the institution charges the student for each term certified.

Library, registration, laboratory and diploma fees. Fees charged primarily for the pleasure, comfort or penalty of the student are considered non-educational. Non-educational fees include athletic, student publication, health and insurance, student activities, late registration and laboratory breakage fees and graduation assessment costs other than diploma fees.

 An amount the institution determines to represent a reasonable cost for books for the term.

An amount the institution determines to represent a reasonable cost for travel between the student's residence and the institution and for other travel required to complete a program of study.

 An amount calculated using one of the following:

1. For students without dependents in housing owned by the institution or institutionally operated housing: the actual amount the institution charges:

2. For students without dependents living with parent(s): $1,100 annually, prorated by term;

3. For other students without dependents or students with dependents** an allowance based on expenses the student and his/her dependent(s) incur, as determined by the institution.

** A spouse is considered a dependent.

If you have any questions regarding certification, please call the Scholarship Unit at 1-888-697-4372 or e-mail [email protected]