The Consolidated Scholarship Roster (CSR) layout is similar to the traditional TAP roster. The CSR is intended to be the certification document for scholarships, previously paid manually. The following items on the document have been pre-filled by HESC: College Code, Name of College, Term/Academic Year, Roster Number, Student Name, Student Social Security Number (SSN), Student date of birth (DOB) and Award Amount Estimated. HESC has also indicated the Budget Type, used to calculate the Estimated Award for Cost of Attendance Scholarships. If this is incorrect, please change the budget to the correct value. See Annual Educational Expenses used for Estimating Awards chart for a definition of the numerical values, which equate to each budget type. Select Grants & Scholarships Quick References to review the eligibility requirements for scholarships administered by HESC. 

The CSR displays scholarship identification numbers and names, award amounts and eligibility points for each student on the CSR. The CSR uses fields prior year (PYR) and current year (CYR) to indicate consumption of eligibility points for each program being paid. PYR reflects all prior year certified and pending scholarship payments while CYR reflects the current year certified and pending payments up to and including the payment appearing on the roster.

When assessing good academic standing, to determine the payment number being evaluated, use the highest point value reported under either the TU, TG, SC, FE, CV, or VA fields in the left box OR the sum of the point values reported under PYR plus CYR fields in the right box.  Then, divide this number by 6 for semester based schools or by 4 for trimester based schools to obtain the payment number.

Students holding more than one scholarship/grant will have a separate line entry for each program they are receiving. For example: if a student holds a World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship, a Scholarship for Academic Excellence and a TAP award; the student will have three program lines, each requiring certification.

Certification Code

Use codes 1-9 as appropriate.

The student satisfies all of the eligibility criteria for the award. A student who meets this criterion but then drops below full time is also certified using Code 1 as long as the student incurs tuition liability for each of the credits comprising full-time study. See Appendix H for special instructions for certification of Senator Patricia K. McGee Nursing Faculty Scholarships.

The student satisfies all eligibility criteria for a TAP award but does not meet the eligibility criteria for a scholarship for which he/she has also been approved. If an institution denies a scholarship because the scholarship holder would have received a concurrent benefit and the student is not eligible for TAP, use Code 9 to decertify the student for the scholarship. 

The student has withdrawn from all courses or has been terminated from school after the first day of classes but has incurred a tuition liability for the term. (Schools should also report reduced term tuition liability under tuition field.) NOTE: Schools should carefully review good academic standing before certifying a student for an award for a later term if the school used this code in the preceding term.

The student was not registered for the term, has withdrawn without incurring a tuition liability or refuses the award.

The student is not registered for sufficient credit hours (or the equivalent) for the term to meet full-time study requirements; or for accelerated summer study, the student was not registered for sufficient credit hours for the term to meet the half-time study requirement or was not in full-time attendance during an adjacent term; or for part-time PG/VTA awards, the student was not registered for sufficient credits (three credits minimum) for the term to meet part-time study requirements. See Appendix H for special instructions for certification of Senator Patricia K. McGee Nursing Faculty Scholarships.

The student is not a recognized candidate for a degree or for a diploma or certificate creditable towards a degree. 

The student does not meet the Commissioner's Program Pursuit requirements or the institution's approved standards of satisfactory academic progress or does not have a C average (2.0 GPA) after having received two years of TAP. NOTE: For students who are not in good academic standing but are granted the one-time waiver, certify Code 1 and enter a "W" in the waiver column.

This code is used to decertify a student who is not eligible for an award for reasons other than those in Codes 4 through 8. Examples: Not an approved program, the student does not meet New York State residency or U.S. citizenship requirements, the high school graduation requirement, scholarship recipient accepts a concurrent benefit, or a graduate student is matriculated for a second graduate degree at the same level for which the student already received a graduate level TAP award. 

See Appendix H for special certification instructions of Senator Patricia K. McGee Nursing Faculty Scholarships.

5 Year: Enter “5” to indicate approved 5 yr/opportunity program
Waiver: Enter “W” when certifying the use of a GAS waiver 
Status: Enter Enrollment Status (FT or HT or number of credits)

The following certification components are specific to programs providing funds for a student’s Title IV Cost of Attendance (COA). These programs include the Memorial Scholarship, World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship, Military Service Recognition Scholarship, Flight 587 Memorial Scholarship and the Patricia K. McGee Nursing Faculty Scholarship programs. The following COA components MUST be completed for HESC to accurately calculate a recipient’s term award. Remember to enter term amounts:

Cost of Attendance Components

Enter Actual term amount.

Enter any other grants & scholarships received for the term (do not include TAP, HESC Scholarships or Loans).

If entered incorrectly by HESC, enter correct value. Correct values are: 1=commuter living with parents; 2=resident student; 3=commuter not living with parents; and 4=off campus/independent. 

Enter actual amount or allowance, whichever is less.

See 2019-20 Annual Educational Expenses Used for Estimating Awards. The sum of books, supplies and transportation for the term should be combined and entered in the "Books & Trans" field on the CSR.

Enter the actual term amount federal Pell received.

Enter total term amount Title IV Cost of Attendance used in the administration of federal student aid programs.

for the World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship (WT), Memorial Scholarship for Families of Deceased Firefighters, Volunteer Firefighters, Police Officers, Peace Officers and Emergency Medical Service Workers (MS), Military Service Recognition Scholarship (MR), Flight 587 Memorial (FM) and the Senator Patricia K. McGee Nursing Faculty Scholarship (NF)

Tuition and Mandatory Fees for Scholarships providing Cost of Attendance will be equal to the applicant’s actual tuition and mandatory fees, or the State University of New York (SUNY) average undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees, whichever is less. Students eligible for TAP who are attending institutions with tuition charges higher than the SUNY average may receive additional assistance through the TAP Program.

These COA Scholarships also provides funds to meet the non-tuition costs of attending college. At SUNY and City University of New York (CUNY) colleges, the annual award will equal the non-tuition cost of attendance less any other federal and state-funded scholarships and grants. Approved non-tuition costs include room and board and allowances for books, supplies and transportation. At a private college, the award will equal the average non-tuition costs at SUNY colleges. The total of all aid received cannot exceed the recipient’s Title IV cost of attendance.

The final page of the CSR provides award totals and details for each program being paid on the CSR for the specified term. Included in these details are a student count, total award amounts by program and the reference number associated to the payment This page should be shared with the Bursar to help them identify payments when they are received.

Certification of each document by the TAP Certifying Officer is required using the Affirmation section on the bottom of the document. Certification of student eligibility for students on the CSR should be returned to New York State Higher Education Services Corporation no later than 30 days from the date of the roster. Post certification changes should be requested via e-mail; submit required changes to [email protected]. If you have any questions regarding certification, please call 866-431-4372 or email [email protected].