2022-23 Student Status Listing Changes


Dear Colleague,

As HESC prepares the first Student Status Listing (SSL) for the 2022-23 academic year, we are pleased to announce some enhancements based on feedback from our academic partners.

  • Beginning with the 2022-23 academic year, only students who are fully approved for an award will be listed on the SSL. Students who meet initial requirements for an award but are still pending financial aid award verification for any reason (income, residency, missing documentation, etc.) will no longer be listed on the SSL.
  • Student awards that appear on an SSL will be placed on a roster for processing.
  • Students receiving awards not contingent on income, such as the NYS Scholarship for Academic Excellence or World Trade Center Memorial Scholarship, will appear once the student completes the application/renewal process, so it is still possible for an award to be on the SSL but the TAP award still pending IVP.
  • Students whose applications are still in process will be listed on the Application Status Report (QGA010- Application Status Report). The report can be found on the HESC website under Customized Reports.
  • HESC will no longer accept copies of NYS or Federal Tax returns. Students whose income is unable to be verified with NYS Tax and Finance will be notified and instructed to review their 2022-23 NYS Payment Application and update the income information to mirror the information on their 2020 NYS Tax returns.

Thank you for your continued partnership,
New York State Higher Education Services Corporation