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Financial Aid Calculators

TAP Estimate

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  • TAP Award Estimator (HESC) - Estimate the amount you may receive from the New York State Tuition Assistance Program.
  • Quick TAP Estimator (HESC) - Get a general idea of the amount you may receive from the New York State Tuition Assistance Program, based on fewer questions.


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  • HESC College Tuition Cost Projector - Project the total cost of tuition at the college of your choice.
  • Budget Calculator (Mapping Your Future) – Project income versus expenses; gain an understanding of discretionary versus mandatory expenses.
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  • Parent Debt Calculator (College Board) – As a parent, can you afford to take on additional debt?
  • Parent Loan Repayment Calculator (College Board) – What will your loan payments be?

    College Savings, College Costs

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  • College Cost Calculator (College Board) – Get an idea of how much college will cost you.
  • College Savings Calculator (College Board) – Are you on track to save enough for college?
  • Determine Your College Savings Needs (BankRate) – Determine how much you need to save for college.
  • 529 College Savings Plan Estimator (BankRate) - Compare what you think you could earn in a regular taxable account with what you'd earn with a 529 college savings plan.

    Expected Family Contribution and Financial Aid Projections

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  • FAFSA4caster (ED) – Get an early start on the financial aid process and financial aid projections.
  • Expected Family Contribution (College Board) – Get an idea of the amount you and your family are expected to contribute toward your college costs.
  • How Much Financial Aid Can You Expect? (BankRate) – Give your family a sense of how much they will have to contribute toward your education.

    Loan Payments

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  • HESC Federal Loan Repayment Estimator - Estimate the monthly payments on your student loans.
  • Debt and Salary Wizard (Mapping Your Future) – Determine how much salary is required to make the payments on current and future student loan debt.
  • Student Loan Calculator (Mapping Your Future) – Get an estimate of what your future monthly payments would be for your federal student loans, including Stafford and PLUS loans.
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  • Student Loan Calculator (College Board) – Calculate your loan payments and compare them to your expected starting salary.

    Consolidation Loan Repayment

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  • Consolidation Loan Repayment Estimator (Mapping Your Future) – Estimate your monthly payments, principal, and interest for a consolidation loan.