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HESC Translation Disclaimer

The New York State Higher Education Services Corporation (HESC) has added a translation feature developed by Google Translate to assist Web visitors in understanding information on the HESC web site. Clicking on the translation icon below, and in the footer of every Web page on this site, invokes Google Translate to instantly translate any web page that you have selected.

HESC has made this tool available due to its potential usefulness but, as with any computer translation, the results are not always perfect.

Please be aware that graphics containing text, PDF files and other page attachments cannot be translated. In addition, as with any computer translation, conversion is not context-sensitive. The translated text may not communicate the original intended meaning.

HESC does not guarantee the accuracy of translated text through Google Translate. If the information you are seeking is not clear, please return to the home page of HESC.ny.gov, click "Contact HESC," and call the toll free telephone number for the Customer Communications Center for assistance.

HESC disclaims and will not accept any liability for any problems caused by the use of the Google Translate feature.